Shenzhen Perfect Paper Co.,Ltd is a paper conglomerate with over 10 years exprerience in producing black paper,grey board,color paper(red,blue,coffee,green,etc) and metallic paper(pearlescent paper) .
We own three 1575mm machine width black paper production lines which produce black paper from 80gsm-480gsm with 90% wood pulp.We also own one 2100mm machine width production line which produces black paper ,red paper ,blue paper and other color paper from 60gsm -270gsm with 90% wood pulp.Our black paper is very stiffer with good surface which has won many positive feedbacks from our regular customers.Our annul production capacity is 10000 MT.

At the same time,we also own two grey board production lines with machine width 3450mm and 3250mm which can produce 0.4mm-2.5mm thickness grey board.We can laminate thicker grey board for you with our advanced lamination machine.Our monthly production capacity is 20000MT.

We have imported metallic paper production line several years ago in 2005 and our "Roaring Tiger" sells very well all over the world.

Our brand "Roaring Tiger" has got many positive feedbacks from our customers.Our concept is good service can make business better than we can imagine.Our company has passed the accreditation of ISO9001:2000 quality management system.Hope we can be your paper and board long-term supplier!